Sunday, August 25, 2019

Another Quick Look Back at Reunion 2019

Hey Family! We did it again!!!  It was so good to see everyone at our 64th C. T. Roddey Family Reuion.  What a blessing to have this amazing gift of family and to be able to continue to get together in love for 64 consecutive years!!!  A huge thanks to those that traveled  back home to Catawba from near and far, especially those that sacrificed and made their way from Atlanta, DC, Baltimore, and California.  We enjoyed you so much and we hope you had safe travels back to your destinations.

Each year has its own special vibe and I would say this year God blessed us to have a special connection across the generations.  Huge shout out to the 5th generation for stepping up, claiming a seat at the table and saying you want to take more of a role in sustaining our reunion and family legacy going forward.  Thanks De'ven, Kalen, Jalen, Kevin, Dane, Zachary, Seth, Mia, Ayanna, Toni, Charles, Kristal, DeShawn (6th Generation), Megan, Drayton and others in the 5th generation for your presence and leadership this year.  

Special thanks to everyone that helped organize, plan and make everything come together for the reunion!  Iris Talford, you are phenomenal!  You worked so hard throughout the year with each and every fundraiser.  Every time we cleaned, painted, decorated, shopped, etc...  you were right there leading the way.   Friday you held it down in the kitchen and then came outside and fried the fish as well... not to mention leading the kitchen crew with our delicious meal on Saturday.

Huge thanks to Cherita Davis for going above and beyond with the reunion planning, painting, cleaning, and shopping.  We could not have done it without you sis!  Also, thank you to Phyllis Wilson and Cherita for the awesome health and wellness presentation Saturday afternoon.  Your presentation was next-level and exactly what we needed to hear as a family, trying to live a healthy lifestyle in spite of being predisposed to certain risk factors.

Thank you so much Kristal Burgess!!!  Your words of love and inspiration during our program were so necessary and God-sent.  You challenged us to check ourselves to see if we are living as Family or are we just related.  Are we showing up for each other and supporting each other and truly loving each other through our actions and not just in words?!?  Keep doing your thing cousin!

Thanks to Thelma Bradley, Gisele Stinson Wilson and Horace Stinson for facilitating the visit to the home house where Horace now lives and allowing everyone to come and hear those amazing stories about our family and how the love for family and togetherness has been passed down for generations.  That was one of the highlights of the weekend!

Big shout out to Jovon Bradley for allowing us to use his grill and fryers throughout the weekend.

Thanks to James Bradley and Uncle Raymond Holman for hauling off the never-ending trash all weekend.

Thanks to Theo Wilson and Tommy Roddey for holding down the grill on Saturday.  Also thank you Tommy for helping with the youth bowling outing!

  Enormous thanks to Dwayne Cherry (and Shella) for helping with the youth bowling outing and for organizing and providing our reunion family photo fundraiser.  We raised $110.00 this year and the pictures are outstanding.  To view and download your photos taken by Dwayne go to the Reunion 2019 gallery link below

Special thanks to Sarah Pegues Richardson for blessing the family with the awesome massage fundraiser.  We raised $60.00 and provided the family with much needed stress-relief.

Gigantic shout out to Dominque Brown (Jalen's girlfriend) for facilitating another fantastic paint and sip fundraiser.  We raised $220.00 and you brought out the artistic talents that some of the family didn't know they had.

Big thanks to Jalen Roddey and Aunt Cynthia Roddey for sharing your amazing documentary on Art and the Autism Spectrum about the twins James and Thomas.  It was very thought provoking and well done. 

Shout out to Drayton Caldwell for providing the Taco Fiesta Saturday night.  We appreciate the culinary expo boss!

Thank you to Oresa Roddey  and Karen Nelson for taking care of the finances through the year and especially during the reunion. If you did not make it to the reunion or did not get a chance to pay your dues for the year... no worries, you can go to the Donate page on this site ( and pay via credit card or paypal.  You can also send in dues via USPS to the C. T. Roddey Reunion, PO Box 38502, Charlotte, NC 28278.

Last but not least thank you to  Lisa Roddey for your love and support.  You go over and beyond and I know you don't want any attention or accolades but your work does not go unnoticed.  I love you!!!

Thank you Darla Beal for your support throughout the year!  Love you sis!  Special thanks to Tom Roddey for your advice and support through the year.  We truly appreciate your diligent work on the reunion center and buying the newly installed windows!  I could go on thanking so many others.... Jackie and Melvin Caldwell... Renee and Rev. Montgomery... Aunt Margie Holman and James Eddie Roddey all the way from Kuwait! 

Looking forward to our 65th next August.  #Reunion 2020!!!

Peace and Love

We are One!!!  Love will see us through!!!
- Frankie Beverly

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