Monday, August 10, 2020

Our Virtual 65th C. T. Roddey Family Reunion was a Blast!!


Virtual 65th C. T. Roddey Family Reunion

Hey family! Thanks for a wonderful virtual family reunion! I was truly blessed and amazed the entire weekend by the way we were able to warmly embrace and connect with each other even though we were physically apart. God is truly awesome!!! It was great to meet and connect with family members that we may not have ever had a chance to meet and some that we may not have talked to in a while. We connected from coast to coast and even with our cousin James Eddie abroad!!! More than anything we honored and celebrated our ancestors that have gone before us and those still here with us now, that showed us the importance of family and how to love and care for each other!!! Thanks again to all of the family that pulled together to make this reunion come to life, but also everyone for being open to trying something that we had never done before. Special thanks to Shiree and Megan, Cherita, Em'Ria and Don, Jalen and Dominique, Tinkie, Anthony and the band, and Catrina Reese for holding us down with fun, engaging and uplifting events all weekend long! Cousin Girl Baby aka Lesley Thomas may have stolen the show with the Catawba or Bust skit though! LOL! COVID-19 could not keep us apart and for that we say glory to God!!!

If you have not had a chance to send in your family dues or reunion fees you can do so in one of the following methods. It is vitally important that we strive to help in our fundraising in order to cover our annual expenses (insurance and taxes). We will give an update on how we did so far later today or early tomorrow! Love yall and cannot wait until we connect again real soon! Stay safe!!!

Reunion Dues and Fees Payments Methods:
- $250.00 Annual Dues $30.00 Virtual Reunion Fee
1. US Mail: Send donations to C. T. Roddey Reunion
PO Box 38502
Charlotte, NC 28278
2. Online: Paypal and click on the Donate Tab
Access the Zelle app.
Pick as the preferred email address of the party to pay.
Choose the amount. Enter the amount to send.

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